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An email was sent to all customers this morning with the following text:

Dear clients,

One week ago I emailed all customers to announce that Rewind Host is under new ownership. My first week in the job has been eventful and I now have a much clearer picture of how we’re going to improve Rewind Host for all our customers. As I said in my last email, our top three objectives are excellent servers, fast support and most importantly happy customers. When our customers talk, we listen, and over the last week I’ve heard your feedback, positive and negative. I’d like to outline the steps we’ve already taken and give you an insight into what we’ve got planned:

Customer Support – We put a brand new support team in place with immediate effect from last Monday morning. If you’ve contacted our team I hope you’ve found them to be fast, friendly and professional. Our typical response time over the past week has been 16 minutes. If you have any support issues please email supportATrewindclientsDOTcom so we can assist you.

Billing & Invoices – We’ve upgraded our billing system and as promised we now accept VISA and MASTERCARD payments directly, along with automated recurring billing. Next time you’re paying a renewal invoice or making a new purchase, save time by choosing the Credit Card payment option. This will setup automated recurring billing on your account so you won’t have to log-in to our client area every month to make your payments.

Hosting Experience – The datacenter currently used by Rewind Host experienced downtime in November. This was very unsatisfactory for customers and we are determined to make sure this is not repeated. To guarantee maximum uptime and performance in future, we will be migrating all customers to brand new servers in our Chicago datacenter over the coming weeks. Don’t worry – we’ll handle every part of the migration for you. We’ll schedule a migration date for your account in the coming days and email you with all the details.

Our Website & Services – We’ve added around 25 new domain name extensions including .tel, .tv, .us, .ws, .uk, .cc and other popular TLD’s. You can purchase these instantly through our domain checker. We also plan to relaunch our website next week once our new servers are ready. Our new site will continue to offer all our fantastic products, along with a range of SSL certificates to secure your website and some fantastic promotions on other products.

We’re doing everything to make sure you are happy with our service and support. If you ever have any problems, please submit a new support ticket or email supportATrewindclientsDOTcom. Our support team are ready to help. If you have any feedback or comments please don’t hesitate to contact our management team directly (managementATrewindhostDOTcom) and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

Thank you again for continuing to trust us with your web hosting needs.


General Manager

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