New Owners at Rewind Host

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An email was sent to all customers this morning with the following text:

We’ve got great news! We’re delighted to announce that Rewind Host is under new ownership. We’re emailing all our customers to say hello. We’ve worked in the hosting industry for eight years and we know what’s important. Our top three objectives are excellent servers, fast support and most importantly happy customers. That’s why I want to check that everything is going well and that you are happy with Rewind Host. Do you have any feedback, positive or negative? Is there anything that we can improve, or are there any problems that our support team can help with?

We’re aware that Rewind Host can improve, and so from today we have put a brand new support team in place and over the next month we will be making big improvements to our servers. Within the next week we will start accepting VISA and MASTERCARD payments directly, along with automated recurring billing. We will also start to offer a range of SSL certificates to secure your website, and 25 new domain name extensions including .tel, .tv, .us, .ws, .uk, .cc and other popular TLD’s.

You are really important to us here at Rewind Host.  We want to make sure you are happy with our service and support. If you ever have any problems, please submit a new support ticket or email supportATrewindclientsDOTcom. Our support team are ready to help. If you have any feedback or comments please don’t hesitate to contact our management team directly (managementATrewindhostDOTcom) and we’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

Thank you again for continuing to trust us with your web hosting needs.

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